Frequently Asked Questions


a). Can I teach in China if I don’t have teaching experience?

Yes. If you don’t have prior teaching experience, a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate is accepted instead.

b). I don't have an undergraduate degree. Am I eligible to apply?

The minimum requirement to teach abroad is a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited and internationally recognized university.


c). Do I have to be bi-lingual?

No, you will be teaching your subject in English.


2.Application Process


a). How can I submit my application?

Submit your application by using the  “Apply” button or send us an email along with your completed application.

b). How does the interview process work?

After submitting the application, a BGE recruiter will contact you within 48 hours. There will be 3 rounds of interviews before the employers make final decisions. The interview process time usually takes 2-3 weeks.

 c). What do I need to get the visa?

A bachelor’s degree, a TEFL certificate (if less than 2 years of teaching experience), and a criminal record check. These need to be notarized, authenticated, and legalized. BGE will provide guidance and support to acquire all the necessary documentation.

d). How long does it take to get the required documents to go to China?

This can vary, but typically, the process is between 2 – 3 months. BGE assists you with this entire process.

e). How do I know which location to choose?

After reading through our city information, feel free to speak with our Chinese staff to find out more detailed information about the different cities and what they are like. Then, you can choose your preferred locations.


3.Airfare & Transportation


a). Who pays for my flight?

Your flight will be reimbursed to you in 2 installments. After arrival, you will be paid 4,000rmb and once the contract is complete, you will receive the remaining amount (up to 8,000rmb).

4.Application Process

a). What is the application process?

Step 1: Apply  

Look at the job postings and select the location that fits your lifestyle. Submit an application and speak with a BGE recruiter.

Step 2: Interview & Placement selection

Schedule interviews with a BGE recruiter and the employers (education centers/schools).

Step 3: Complete Documentation for Visa

If an offer is received and accepted, the visa process begins. Finish acquiring all necessary documents before departure.

Step 4: You’re on your way!

Arrive at your dream destination and join orientation. Get ready to work - begin your new adventures!


5. Salary & Benefits


a). What will be the salary for the teaching position?

The salary ranges from 12,000 - 18,000rmb monthly, depending on location and qualifications. A housing allowance will also be given as well as performance bonuses.

b). How much travel time or time off is to be expected?

There are 11-12 public holidays in which you will have off as well as 10 days of annual paid leave.

6. Pre-Departure Preparation

a).What is included in the Pre-departure preparation?

Before you start your adventure and new job in China, BGE is committed to making sure that you’re well prepared. BGE staff will check with you on all the information you need to know about your job and the new city.


7. Local Support by Employers


a). Will I get any training for the teaching position?

Yes, there will be a training team available so after you arrive, you can take part in class observations, material overview, etc. to help prepare you.

b). Are lesson materials provided at the school?

Yes, there is course curriculum provided as well as plenty of resources available to help with lesson planning and to carry out classes effectively.

c). Is housing provided?

A housing allowance is given so that each teacher can select their preferred housing. Upon arrival, you will have 7 free days at a hotel and during this time, you will be given assistance to help find and secure housing and choose what suits your lifestyle.


8. More Info About The Position


a). What will my work schedule be like?

For most of the positions listed on our job board, you will work 5 days out of the week, usually with 3 of those days being weekdays and the other 2 being the weekends. We recommend that you check each job listing for more details.

b). Who will my students be?

Our partner centers in China consist of students who are both teens and adults; they are highly motivated to improve their English skills.

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