Teacher Testimonials

Would you like to know what it’s really like teaching English abroad?

We are sure you have many questions.

See these teachers’ stories to hear their first-hand experiences of what it is like teaching in China.

Get insight into what a typical day consists of in the life of a language teacher.

Also, hear about their lives outside of the classroom and find out what living in China is like.

Our Schools and Education Centers

BGE’s partner schools and education centers are located in 27 cities in China. We serve both students and customers outside of formal education and their business hours.

Flexible Working Hours


During a working week you will teach between 4-5 classes a day and up to 6 on the weekend to a total of 25 classes a week with each class being an hour long.

Annual Holidays


To further enhance your experience while you are working in China, we will provide recommendation for traveling during holidays. Our cooperated schools and education centers provided paid holidays to all teachers. You can always have a get away and explore China.

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